Jen has a background education in Fine Art Photography and Art History. Her photojournalistic style stems from her love of film photography. In her spare time, she’s usually taking her film camera out in the city, cooking nonstop, hiking or running, watching too much Food Network, or vegging out with a good book. She has a huge travel bug and a long bucket list of places to visit. But she’s also perfectly content taking a mellow walk on a nearby hiking trail. Other random tidbits about Jen – she drools over Moroccan interior design and is obsessed with black cats and mini dachshunds.

Favorite Part of a Wedding:

Constantly working with new people and getting so much time with a couple. Being one-on-one with the bride and groom on their special day is the greatest because I love seeing the best that people can bring out in each other. When my friends tell me they want me as a bridesmaid in their wedding, I tell them I’d actually rather photograph it. It’s more of a special experience for me to observe every moment of someone’s day and document it.

Oh, and nothing beats a rustic wedding in the woods. I could shoot rustic/vintage inspired weddings forever!

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