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Ashford Estate Wedding

When a bride describes her wedding day style as “black tie, rustic, romantic”  we swoon. Because we love all of those styles on their own we know in combination it would be magical. It was such a pleasure to be their Wedding Photographer!

We love photographing an Ashford Estate Wedding! In addition to being  one of the most stunning NJ wedding venues we have ever seen, the estate grounds are perfectly manicured picturesque. One of the most wonderful things about the estate is the ability to do everything there. Because the bridal prep, ceremony , and reception are all held  in one place it makes things easier and  relaxing. (did we just say relaxing ? ) In conclusion, it is simply a wedding photographers dream.

We started the day in the salon where the dream team of Robin Chism and Cheers 2U events created Marlees timeless and romantic look.

Marlee opted to mix  blush, ivory, and champagne together rather than having all of her bridesmaids wear the same color.  In order to add some additional romantic flair  each bridesmaid wore a unique floral crown designed by Russell Anthony.  The groom and groomsmen wore Navy Tuxedos. (We Love this trend)

Lets talk about the cake.  First of All, Here at off BEET we have shot hundreds and hundreds of weddings. With out a doubt this is the most unique wedding cake we have ever seen! This created a stunning effect that was simply amazing.

Perhaps the most memorable moment from the entire evening was the Maid of Honor Speech. Because she has 2 sisters, Marlee choose to have both of them by her side.  Rather than give a traditional speech, they opted to sing their very own made-for Marlee- version of I want it that way by the Backstreet Boy  . Our very own Off BEET Video Team was there to capture the moment.  Make sure to check it out  here the teaser here :  https://mediazilla.com/voadkobU1

In conclusion, Marlee and Justin are an incredible couple that had a extremely fun wedding day. As a result we were able to capture natural and candid images to document their story! Congratulations guys!



Venue: The Ashford Estate
Florist: Russell Anthony Florist
Makeup Artist: Robin Chism
Hair: Cheers 2U Events
Videographer: Off BEET Productions
Officiant: Rabbi David Steinhardt
Band: E Three NYC


Ashford Estate Wedding Allentown NJ

Probably the most romantic shot of the wedding was the night shot under the romantic “and they lived happily after” light

Ashfrod Estate Wedding First look

The bride and groom opted for a first look. Because of this they were able to enjoy cocktail hour with their friends and family.


Because this cake was so unique we photographed it from every angle possible!

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