Jen has a background education in Fine Art Photography and Art History. Her photojournalistic style stems from her love of film photography. In her spare time, she’s usually taking her film camera out in the city, cooking nonstop, hiking or running, watching too much Food Network, or vegging out with a good book. She has a huge travel bug and a long bucket list of places to visit. But she’s also perfectly content taking a mellow walk on a nearby hiking trail. Other random tidbits about Jen – she drools over Moroccan interior design and is obsessed with black cats and mini dachshunds.

Meet Jen 

foodie, travel bug, + film lover

+ I love to cook and pretty much do it 5 nights a week. Every week I try to pick at least one ingredient I wouldn't normally buy & I treat every night like a Chopped basket challenge.
+ Who needs a real meal, though? I could definitely live off a cheese-only diet.
+ Some of my favorite travels include swimming in The Baths of Virgin Gorda, hiking the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado and biking through Old Montreal. I need to be outside exploring. I basically want to eat & travel my way around the world, and photograph it all as I go.
+ I briefly worked for a florist after college. I’m really drawn to vegetation and floral arrangements. 
+ Wine nights with my girls get me through life.
+ RuPaul’s Drag Race is my guilty pleasure. I’ve even gotten my boyfriend into it. 
+ I’d rather be at the beach.

- Jen

A Few Of My Favorite Things 

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"I've never felt more beautiful & celebrated."

"nothing beats a rustic wedding in the woods. I could shoot rustic/vintage inspired weddings forever"

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