A former teacher, Megan dabbled in photography as a hobby her whole life. After the birth of her first daughter, she left her career to follow her passion. Six years (and two more daughters) later, the risk has paid off! Megan’s documentary style of shooting is practiced daily at home with her three muses. When not photographing weddings and families, you can find her spending family time on the beach, or the bike, or both! Lover of: mashed potatoes, her husband, and dance parties with her girls. Fun facts: Megan does not drink coffee, is poor at relaxing, and loves learning new things from You Tube channels, like knitting or playing ukulele!

Meet Megan 

+ My children. They are the coolest babies on earth, and I live each day to make them smile.
+ Our summer evening ritual to Asbury for ice cream with my family
+ Date nights to beer gardens on two wheels
+ Bonfire nights with friends

xoxo... Megan

Things Megan Loves

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"I've never felt more beautiful & celebrated."

My favorite part of a wedding is seeing the newly betrothed couple immediately following the ceremony. Sometimes celebratory, sometimes super somber, but always fully emotional.

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