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Oheka Castle Wedding in Huntington , NY

When photographing and Oheka Castle wedding I often find myself wondering Where I am? Have I been transported from Long island to a French Chateaux?Any Oheka Castle wedding is beautiful because the grounds are  simply breathtaking. However, Liz + Joeys was special. The wedding day was classic, elegant, and luxurious.  Most importantly we had so much fun with this sweet and playful couple!

When Liz & Joey asked me to photograph their wedding I was so honored. I had been the wedding photographer at Joeys sisters wedding a few years prior and truly loved working with their family.

Liz looked absolutely stunning in her pronovias gown. Joey perfectly complimented her in his classic Tuxedo. Because they wanted a classic look the bridesmaids wore long elegant black gowns and carried fall colored bouquets for a pop of color.

Rain is not something that anyone wishes for on their wedding day.  While very couple wishes for sun, rain can be equally beautiful. The day started with overcast and then gradually started to rain. This did not stop Liz and Joey form braving the weather and taking outdoor pictures.  Because they embraced the rain we were able to create stunning wedding photos.  One of my favorite quotes ever is “Some people feel The Rain, others just get wet”. If it rains on your day, embrace it.


Rainy day Oheka Castle Wedding

It seems no one wants it to rain on their wedding day. Because you can not control the weather all you can do is embrace it. Because Liz and Joey did just that we were able to capture some amazing images.

Oheka Castle Wedding

There is nothing we love more than sweet candid moment between a bride and her father.

Oheka Castle Wedding_0024.jpg

I always wonder what the groom says when I ask them to whisper something into the brides ear. Joey probably said something super funny here.

Oheka Castle Wedding_0029.jpg

There is nothing we love more than a bridal party that is willing to anything for the pictures.

Oheka Castle Wedding_0001.jpg
Oheka Castle Wedding_0003.jpg
Oheka Castle Wedding_0002.jpg
Oheka Castle Wedding_0004.jpg
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Oheka Castle Wedding_0021.jpg
Oheka Castle Wedding_0016.jpg

Oheka Castle Wedding_0012.jpg
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Oheka Castle Wedding_0022.jpg
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Oheka Castle Wedding_0018.jpg
Oheka Castle Wedding_0019.jpg

Oheka Castle Wedding_0025.jpg

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Oheka Castle Wedding_0013.jpg
Oheka Castle Wedding_0028.jpg
Oheka Castle Wedding_0031.jpg
Oheka Castle Wedding_0032.jpg
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Oheka Castle Wedding_0027.jpg
Oheka Castle Wedding_0026.jpg

Oheka Castle Wedding_0037.jpg
Oheka Castle Wedding_0039.jpg
Oheka Castle Wedding_0041.jpg
Oheka Castle Wedding_0036.jpg
Oheka Castle Wedding_0042.jpg
Oheka Castle Wedding_0040.jpg
Oheka Castle Wedding_0038.jpg
Venue: Oheka Castle, Long Island, NY
Wedding Gown: Pronovias
Florist: Pedestals
Makeup Artist: Pam Lugo
Hair: Daniel Steal
Videographer: AJ Ingogloa
Planner: Alyson Joubert – Above All Events
Band: Central Park Orchestra




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