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The Asbury Hotel Wedding :: Danielle + Michael

Rain was in the forecast for Danielle and Michael’s Asbury Hotel wedding, so we arrived ready to go with it. The rain turned into a Nor’easter, and it was pretty impossible to stay dry, but again, we had to just make it work! Their reception at The Asbury Hotel was in a partially tented room, but because of high winds, they couldn’t use the tent portion, which cut the room by almost half. Their planner, Leah from Color Pop Events, worked quickly to change the room plan from a seated reception to a standing-room, cocktail style reception.

Most noteworthy, Danielle and Michael were incredibly positive and rolled with the changes. Braving heavy rain, wind, some leaks and flooding, and even the fire alarm going off, and they were smiling and laughing through it all. Because their amazing attitudes made all the difference, you can see in their photos that they continued to have fun the entire day. Danielle was well prepared with pink, black, and white rain boots for herself and the bridesmaids.

Danielle wore a classically elegant Modern Trousseau dress, and the bridesmaids wore black and white Jill Stuart dresses. We love this color combination paired with the pop of pink with their peony bouquets, beautifully made by the aptly named, Pink Peony Florist. Danielle is a librarian so she had a Kate Spade clutch in the shape of a book, and she wore Christian Louboutin shoes that looked like glass slippers!

Danielle and Michael’s reception venue, The Asbury Hotel, is a brand new hotel that we’re just in love with. It has a modern and funky style that suits Danielle and Michael perfectly. We love the industrial high ceilings and the white brick walls, which were perfect for portraits. They had The Pat Roddy Band rocking all night, and at one point, it felt like we were at an open mic night with so many of their talented friends and family going up to sing. As a result, their wedding was seriously one huge party!

Gotta love sparkly Louboutins!

Danielle’s pink peony bouquet was so dreamy with a white ribbon.

Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-3Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-59Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-60Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-4Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-5 Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-6 Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-7
Danielle and Michael’s invitation suite celebrated special places to them in New Jersey, New York, and their first trip to Spain.

We loved Danielle’s gold sparkle and pale pink manicure!

How elegant is the lace back of Danielle’s gown?

Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-11 Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-12Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-13Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-14Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-15 Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-16 Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-17Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-19Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-20
Big white balloons added a touch of fun to the bride and groom portraits!

We loved how cute playful Danielle and Michael were!

Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-22Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-23 Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-24 Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-25Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-26 Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-27Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-28 Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-29 Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-30Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-32   Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-35Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-36 Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-37 Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-41 Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-42 Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-43 Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-44 Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-45 Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-46
The wedding cake featured classically elegant gold, black and white, and pink accents.

Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-48 Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-49Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-40 Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-51 Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-52 Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-53 Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-54 Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-55 Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-56
The emotion was so real during the dances!

Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-57 Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-58 Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-61 Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-66Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-62 Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-68Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-67Asbury-Hotel-Wedding-Asbury-Park-NJ-Photographer-64
The rain didn’t stop these two from having a blast at their Asbury Park wedding!


Wedding Vendors

Ceremony: St. James Church
Reception: The Asbury Hotel
Florist: Pink Peony
Makeup Artist: Make Me Up Eva
Hair: Tori Higgins
Wedding Gown: Modern Trousseau
Bridesmaids Dresses: Jill Stuart
Officiant: Monsignor Phillip Lowry
Planner: Leah Weinberg, Color Pop Events
Band: The Pat Roddy Band
Transportation: Long Branch Trolley Company
Cake: The Vintage Cake

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