Katie is a quiet observer with a unique knack for capturing the most romantic and intimate moments in her imagery. 

Nature is Katie's sanctuary, where she finds solace and rejuvenation. Her passion for the great outdoors is evident in every frame she captures, as she harmoniously combines the beauty of landscapes with the magic of human connections. 
Her clients often speak of her calming energy, which sets the perfect atmosphere for capturing authentic emotions and genuine smiles. People feel at ease in her presence, allowing their love and happiness to radiate effortlessly into her photographs.
She enthusiastically approaches her craft and is always ready to embrace new challenges. 
For Katie, each event becomes a new opportunity to expertly craft stories that resonate deep within the hearts of those who experience them. 

adventurer, dog fanatic, + nature lover

Meet Katie

+I love to be outside and on the move often found hiking, trail running, snowshoeing and paddling. 

+As much as I love movement I seek out the stillness practicing yoga and breathwork offer.

+Few things offer me more inspiration than traveling, whether it be to the next town over or halfway around the world.

+My favorite place is very possibly Maine where I spend a week or two every summer with my family.

+Nothing soothes my soul more than baking a batch of homemade cookies or trying out a new dinner recipe. 


Things Katie Loves

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"I've never felt more beautiful & celebrated."

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