upbeat, fun, and sprinkled with emotion


upbeat, fun, and sprinkled with emotion

We are there behind the scenes to unobtrusively capture the real authentic moments and true emotion as they unfold, documentary style. We believe there is a fine line between capturing someones wedding and making it a staged movie. We live for REAL moments because you’re not actors. 

We work seamlessly with the wedding photography team and let them lead the day. Our expert cinematographers capture beautiful clean footage documenting the day and our expert editor Denny takes your footage and ties it all together to tell your story.

We like to describe our editing style as light hearted upbeat and fun, sprinkled with emotion.

Because after all weddings are celebrations, not funerals. Our wedding films will make you laugh, drop a few tears, and relive the day. We keep them short and sweet so that you will want to watch them over and over again. We want you laughing, smiling, and reliving the moments as you watch your wedding film. Of course Denny knows just when to sprinkle in the right amount of emotion to make you shed a few tears too. If Denny gets the goose bumps, he’s pretty sure you will to.

We’re all about fun, fast-paced videos that you and your friends will love to watch. Be sure to explore and watch all of our films, experience the magic, and decide what level of coverage will fit your event.

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Wedding day coverage starts at $5500

We are a custom studio and create packages that fit your specific needs. 

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