We are there behind the scenes to unobtrusively capture the real authentic moments and true emotion as they unfold, documentary style. We believe there is a fine line between capturing someones wedding and making it a staged movie. We live for REAL moments because you’re not actors. 

We work seamlessly with the wedding photography team and let them lead the day. Our expert cinematographers capture beautiful clean footage documenting the day and our expert editor Denny takes your footage and ties it all together to tell your story.

We like to describe our editing style as light hearted upbeat and fun, sprinkled with emotion.

Because after all weddings are celebrations, not funerals. Our wedding films will make you laugh, drop a few tears, and relive the day. We keep them short and sweet so that you will want to watch them over and over again. We want you laughing, smiling, and reliving the moments as you watch your wedding film. Of course Denny knows just when to sprinkle in the right amount of emotion to make you shed a few tears too. If Denny gets the goose bumps, he’s pretty sure you will to.

We’re all about fun, fast-paced videos that you and your friends will love to watch. Be sure to explore and watch all of our films, experience the magic, and decide what level of coverage will fit your event.

Our wedding cinematography approach...

we let your unique voices become the lyrics for the film



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How do you choose music?

A wedding film is meant to tell your unique story and choosing the right song is the most important aspect of the final edit. We look for music that fits our unique editing style that has both slow and fast moments. The feeling you get when watching one of our edits is all determined by pacing and rhythm.  With a extensive musical background our editor picks what he thinks will fit your story the best. While we like to know your musical preferences to help our choices we encourage you to leave this decision to the experts. We try to choose instrumental music and let your unique voices become the lyrics for the film.  

How soon will we see our final wedding film?

Your teaser is typically presented to you within a month of your wedding. Highlight films are typically completed 2-3 months after your wedding. And Full edits are typically completed about 6 months after your wedding. We are all about quality over speed at Off BEET productions. After all. all good things are worth the wait. 

Why is it important for Cinematographers and Photographers to work together?

We believe in creating a simple, easy, and fun experience for you on your wedding day. Our photographers and cinematographers have the same end goal in mind and work together as a team to accomplish this vision while making sure to stay out of one another shots. The photographer is always in the directors seat and our filmmakers will work behind the scenes. Keeping the vibe fun & stress free ables us to all creatively work together with no egos.  

Will I be able to listen to and watch the vows and toasts?

Yes! Your vows and toasts will be included in the film. The vows are always in the main edit. (We use the vows and toasts as the “lyrics” to your film and nobody has the same lyrics) We try to use a lot of the toasts, but as these can be unpredictable we don’t promise to use the entire wedding toast in the final edit. You would not want your entire wedding story centered around a not so ideal toast. Leave it to us to pick out the best parts to in order to tell your story. However, there will be a separate menu where you can go back and listen to uncle Ted ramble on for 20 minutes. 

What is the difference between 1 or 2 Cinematographers?

No matter if you have one cinematographer or two, our films are edited the same way. Having 2 shooters allows us to be at multiple places at once. This gives us more creative freedom and allows us to capture multiple angles and more dynamic moments.

One cinematographer can only shoot so much footage. They will play it a little safe and get the must-have shots, but having two shooters allows one to grab the important shot and one to have a killer creative angle on it, giving the film a more dynamic feel. One person will set up multiple cameras, however only one camera is manned at a time. If someone jumps in front of a camera we can not control that. Believe us, it happens! Humans are crazy with their smartphones and smart pads, eye chips, etc… 

Can we have the RAW footage?

We do offer the RAW footage for purchase , however, we strongly believe you do not need it.  Raw footage isn’t easy to watch. We shoot on HD digital media, which means every time we start and stop recording, a new video file is created. Now imagine how many times we do this throughout the entire wedding day on multiple cameras. We end up with is hundreds of 10-60 second clips. These clips include unideal moments and are not color corrected. The audio is recorded on separate tracks as well. We imagine you do not have time to sift through and double click, watch for a few seconds, close, double click, watch, and close hundreds of times? In a nutshell, RAW footage is not fun to watch and this is exactly the reason you want a beautifully edited film. Let us do the hard work for you!  

If you really want to watch everything we captured on your wedding day we do offer it as an add-on. Our fees cover the cost of the hard drives as well as the time it takes to format these files into something you can watch.  

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Wedding day coverage starts at $5000

We are a custom studio and create packages that fit your specific needs. 

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