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Each artist on the Off BEET photography team was handpicked and trained by Owner, Kate Testa.  All of us share an extremely similar aesthetic and have the same beliefs on how a wedding day should be documented. No two people see the world in the exact same way and therefore we all bring our unique spin to a wedding day.  

Wedding photography is so much more than just taking photographs. Its all about relationships. That's why our artists have partnered with Off BEET. So they can ensure the creation of their art is combined with unparalled experience. 


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Our style is a mix of many things. First, we describe ourselves as photojournalists. We are simply there to capture the real moments at your wedding as they naturally unfold. We want to create imagery that is raw, emotional & real. With that said, we do not stage each and every photo that we take. Rather, we focus on being unobtrusive and capturing what is really happening. Next, we want to create unique portraits of you that showcase your personalities. Rather than just capturing “cookie cutter” posed images we aim to capture intimate moments that showcase your relationship. 



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To achieve this we incorporate a ton of movement to get you interacting and having fun. Finally, we sprinkle in a little bit of classic & romantic portraiture. In addition to the natural and candid images we promise to present you with a handful of the iconic wedding photos every couple dreams of having. We love soft and romantic natural light the most, but we also like to create dynamic cool images using artificial lighting as well.  

To achieve this we incorporate a ton of movement to get you interacting and having fun. Finally, we sprinkle in a little bit of classic & romantic portraiture. In addition to the natural and candid images we promise to present you with a handful of the iconic wedding photos every couple dreams of having. We love soft and romantic natural light the most, but we also like to create dynamic cool images using artificial lighting as well.  

When you hire a wedding photographer you are starting a relationship. It is so much more than us just showing up the day of the wedding. Before the wedding we are here to hold your hand and help you plan. 

If you have a planning or timing question we are here to help. We love talking about weddings! During the wedding we are your “third wheel”. While we hope you don’t notice us all that much, we are heavily involved in the most intimate moments of your wedding experience. We want to feel like an old friend or an extra bridesmaid is in the room with you, and not some ominous presence with a camera. Post wedding we are here to create beautiful custom heirloom albums and products to show case your images. We get to know each and every couple and create a one of a kind custom experience. Each Off BEET photographer takes only 30- 35 weddings per year in order to create a custom boutique experience for each and every couple. 

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I love to use soft, natural light whenever I can, but I also appreciate a more editorial look from time to time. I shoot all digital but edit to emulate film photography keeping everything natural and organic. The soft color pallet of a natural setting is always my go-to, but I also appreciate old buildings and funky urban settings.


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Senior photographer

Nina is a Lead Photographer here at Off BEET Productions. Because she loves natural light and special moments, we call her our hopeless romantic.

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Associate Photographer

Katies photojournalistic eye and attention to detail allow her to capture your wedding story in a classic and unique way.


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John  is a fun-loving  story teller focused on capturing  real authentic moments. 


Associate photographer

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Megan is a documentary photojournalist focusing on storytelling and real authentic moments. 


Associate photographer

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Will you travel, and do you charge for travel?

We will, and want to go anywhere and everywhere! We love new and exciting wedding locations and are inspired by travel. We would love to go to any destination you will take us to! We do not charge travel for NJ or NY weddings. Destination weddings outside of the tri-state area may require airfare and hotel accommodations for our team.

Do you have backup?

Absolutely! We need to be prepared for anything (and we mean ANYTHING). Therefore, we arrive at your wedding with not only backup camera equipment, but also enough equipment to be prepared for every possible situation. We often joke our cars are like clown cars filled with endless photography equipment 🙂

Who will be the photographer for my wedding?

We have multiple lead photographers at Off BEET all with their own specialties and strengths. Each photographer is hand selected and trained by owner Kate. Because no two artists see the world in the exact same way, each photographer has their own unique flair. However, the overall styles are all very similar. We will match you with the best fit for your day. The photographer you choose when you book with us is the photographer who will be there for your day!

Why do you have multiple photographers? Does it mean they are not as good because they do not own their own studios?

Photographers are artists, and not every artist has the desire to operate their own studio. Billing, scheduling, editing, and album production are not for everyone. Because of this, our photographers have partnered with us so they can do what they do best and love to do – take amazing pictures. And they let us handle the rest!

Can you describe your photography style? Are all of the photographers at Off BEET similar?

We are all pretty similar. However, no two photographers see the world in the same way and therefore, each photographer at Off BEET has a similar yet unique wedding photography style (check out our unique portfolios under Our Team page). At Off BEET, we focus on creating natural, candid, and romantic wedding photos.

We like to say we are a mix of styles:

We take a mostly photo journalistic approach and believe in letting the day unfold naturally. We do not want to micro manage your day and create a photo shoot; we simply want to capture the real events that unfold at your wedding.

When creating portraits, we want our images to feel candid and unposed even though we may have told you what to do. We want your wedding images to be fun and lighthearted reflecting the feeling of the exciting wedding day.

We have a soft spot for classic romantic wedding imagery, so we will also spend a small amount of time on these to ensure your images are timeless.

And finally, we want your photos to reflect your personalities. We think it is important to get to know you and showcase your personality through our lens.

What type of gear do you use?

We use all top of the line Nikon and Canon equipment. We are 100% digital as we love to take tons of photos on your wedding day.

What do you wear?

We think your photography team should blend in, so we wear dark colors and dress business casual.

Do you create custom packages?

Absolutely! Every couple is different, and we tailor each package to fit your individual needs.

Can we see a full wedding that you have photographed?

Yes, just ask us, and we will be happy to send over a full wedding!

How many weddings do you photograph per year?
We are a boutique wedding studio and therefore limit the number of weddings each artist photographs to about 30 per year. This way, we can ensure that you will receive the highest quality service throughout the wedding process.

Will there be a second photographer at my wedding?

For any wedding over 100 guests, we highly recommend having a second photographer there.

What exactly do the second photographers do?

Every studio treats the role of the second photographer differently. At Off BEET our second shooters are there to capture groom prep and the moments that simply can not be captured by the main photographer. There are so many amazing moments that are happening during the day, and we ask our second shooters to focus on everything that the main photographer is not.


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Full wedding day coverage by 2 photographers starts at $4800

We are a custom studio and create packages that fit your specific needs. 

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We believe in tangible prints that can be passed down from generation to generation 

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