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Bailey + Kevin’s Bright Fun Hotel LBI Wedding Photos

We simply can not get enough of Bailey and Kevin’s bright fun l HOTEL LBI wedding photos. Not only is every last detail utter perfection, but we can also feel their joy and see their happiness in their wedding photos. Nina perfectly captured this fun-loving duo and their beautiful and emotional wedding day.

We have always loved documenting weddings in LBI and the new addition of Hotel LBI really makes us happy. It’s the perfect NJ destination location with a beautiful modern ballroom in a beautifully designed hotel. The rooftop ceremony location is stunning and really makes for a one-of-a-kind experience.

The inspiration for the wedding was a whimsical garden party that meets the coast.

Colors of the sea meet bright pops of sunset and wildflower hues. (Bright pinks/corals/tiny pops of bright blues and yellows) with a transition into Candlelit Pearls and Neutrals (Sandy, Pearl, Glowy). The rooftop ceremony was to be bright, cheery, festive space with a big open sky and big bright blooms of flowers. These bright colors would continue to the Champagne Bar and Cocktail Hour space before transitioning into a candlelit, pearly, glowly, twinkling reception space with small pops of the bright colors from outside. Sprinkled throughout were small nods to their favorite things – the beach, music and lyrics, The Office, photos, their world travels, and memories of their families and 11-year long relationship. We think they absolutely nailed it.

Scroll down to view all of their amazing bright fun HOTEL LBI wedding photos as well as read about some of their favorite moments. Also don’t miss their very amazing wedding planning advice.


Bright-fun-hotel-lbi-wedding-photos-heirloom-wedding-ring Bright-fun-hotel-lbi-wedding-photos-a-Garden-Party-Florals-2

What made you choose to host your wedding at your venue, Hotel LBI?

We love the ocean and definitely wanted to make sure it would be nearby. LBI holds a special place as one of the first beach days we shared early into dating and was the beach that Bailey’s family went to as a child. We also would have a lot of out-of-town guests and so a hotel on a beautiful island during local summer seemed like a great guest experience. When we saw Hotel LBI, we noticed it has a very New England-esque feel to it, and so it was a perfect blend of where Kevin is from and where Bailey is from.

Bright-fun-hotel-lbi-wedding-photos-a-Garden-Party-Florals Bright-fun-hotel-lbi-wedding-photos-bridal-preparations Bright-fun-hotel-lbi-wedding-photos-bride-prepBright-fun-hotel-lbi-wedding-photos-Groom-Vows Bright-fun-hotel-lbi-wedding-photos-Groom-PreparationBright-fun-hotel-lbi-wedding-photos-Wedding-BouquetBright-fun-hotel-lbi-wedding-photos-first-LookBright-fun-hotel-lbi-wedding-photos-First-Look Bright-fun-hotel-lbi-wedding-photos-first-Look Bright-fun-hotel-lbi-wedding-photos-first-Look Bright-fun-hotel-lbi-wedding-photos-First-LookBright-fun-hotel-lbi-wedding-photos-first-Look Bright-fun-hotel-lbi-wedding-photos-Wedding-Bouquet Bright-fun-hotel-lbi-wedding-photos-first-LookBright-fun-hotel-lbi-wedding-photos-guests Bright-fun-hotel-lbi-wedding-photos-Groom-Entourage Bright-fun-hotel-lbi-wedding-photos-flower-girlsBright-fun-hotel-lbi-wedding-photos-Wedding-party Bright-fun-hotel-lbi-wedding-photos Bright-fun-hotel-lbi-wedding-photos-EntourageBright-fun-hotel-lbi-wedding-photos-wedding-party Bright-fun-hotel-lbi-wedding-photos-bride-groom-portraits Bright-fun-hotel-lbi-wedding-photos-light-airy-wedding-photos Bright-fun-hotel-lbi-wedding-photosBright-fun-hotel-lbi-wedding-photos-Ceremony-Details Bright-fun-hotel-lbi-wedding-photos-Groom-at-Altar Bright-fun-hotel-lbi-wedding-photos-Wedding-Details-pink Bright-fun-hotel-lbi-wedding-photos-PlannerBright-fun-hotel-lbi-wedding-photos-walking-down-aisle Bright-fun-hotel-lbi-wedding-photos-Ceremony Bright-fun-hotel-lbi-wedding-photos-Altar Bright-fun-hotel-lbi-wedding-photos Bright-fun-hotel-lbi-wedding-photos-AltarBright-fun-hotel-lbi-wedding-photos-Ceremony-Details


After looking at your wedding photos what image do you think you will cherish the most?

Wherever we are laughing. Nina had the incredible ability to just make us feel so comfortable and ourselves – and we are our most ourselves when we are laughing! We have attached our absolute favorite image of us that day because it showcases a moment where no one is really around or everyone is on the move- from photos to go to cocktail hour or maybe the ceremony- and we are hanging back a bit laughing about something. It is just one of the many raw and real moments Nina captured so simply, beautifully, and magically. I’ve attached the exact one I am thinking of to this message but know there are so many more!

Bright-fun-hotel-lbi-wedding-photos-candid-moments Bright-fun-hotel-lbi-wedding-photos-Pastel-Blue-Wedding Bright-fun-hotel-lbi-wedding-photos-Ceremony-wide-shot Bright-fun-hotel-lbi-wedding-photos-Ceremony

Bright-fun-hotel-lbi-wedding-photos-Reception-PartyBright-fun-hotel-lbi-wedding-photos-Reception-details Bright-fun-hotel-lbi-wedding-photos-reception-details

What was your favorite part of wedding planning?

While it was at times stressful or tiring, we loved the DIY elements and projects we worked on to make the ceremony and reception more personal to us and our relationship. Every color, decoration, favor, song, food, and choice was made as a representation of some memory or shared interest we have. Planning the wedding was like a walk down memory lane of the decade we had been dating and reaffirmed the vows we were taking that day. We also look back and laugh at how ridiculously ambitious some of the projects we took on were- but solidified that we can really make it through anything, including hand making 200 copies of multiple intricate decorations like hand painted oysters shells in the 98 degree heat of August or hot glued ribbon wands at 2am or building and spray painting Ikea furniture when we thought renting items was going to be out of budget.

Bright-fun-hotel-lbi-wedding-photos Bright-fun-hotel-lbi-wedding-photos-table-reception-cards Bright-fun-hotel-lbi-wedding-photos-pastel-reception-details Bright-fun-hotel-lbi-wedding-photos-pastel-reception-inspoBright-fun-hotel-lbi-wedding-photos-wedding-invitations


If you could give one piece of advice to another couple planning their wedding what would it be?

Be present! Everyone is always like “your day goes by so fast!” but for us it moved almost in slow motion because we were just so happy to be surrounded by every single person we love most. It helped that we had full trust in our vendors to bring to life all of the small details and atmosphere we worked hard to build. We spent so much time researching and meeting with different vendors until we found the ones who were both professional but would also feel like our friends. Let go of the things you can’t change- bad attitudes from family members or forgetting to bring a decoration or a stain on your dress or the weather- and just enjoy this one moment in time where everyone you love is there to support and celebrate your love!



What was your favorite moment of your wedding day?

This is such a hard question as our minds are immediately flooded with so many favorite moments! Enjoying coffee early in the morning together before splitting off to get ready, Bailey helping her nieces with their makeup and hair while getting ready, walking down the aisle to “Hey Jude,” seeing the decorations and details come together everywhere, – we truly were able to be present the entire day since we had full faith in our vendors. BUT- One moment that really stands out was after our entrances to the reception, special dances, and speeches were through and guests were eating their salads, we went outside with Nina to take some sunset pictures. We were outside for maybe ten minutes or less, and when we reentered the room the dance floor had just absolutely erupted! We didn’t expect that people would already be dancing and we were mildly worried that maybe everyone was already tired from a two hour cocktail hour and the ceremony- but oh man when we came back in to the party in full swing and so much joy was radiating all around the room – that was truly unforgettable and makes us smile to this day.


We were outside for maybe ten minutes or less, and when we reentered the room the dance floor had just absolutely erupted! We didn’t expect that people would already be dancing and we were mildly worried that maybe everyone was already tired from a two hour cocktail hour and the ceremony- but oh man when we came back in to the party in full swing and so much joy was radiating all around the room – that was truly unforgettable and makes us smile to this day.



Venue  | Hotel LBI

Florists Name |A Garden Party

Makeup Artist | Jan Murphy

Hair | Salon Concrete

Officiant | Omar Bird

Planner | Jasmine Holak, Let it Be Lovely Events

DJ | This is It Entertainment (DJ Rob and MC Will)

Wedding Dress | BHLDN by Anthropologie


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