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Why You Should Get a Wedding Album

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Why You Should Get a Wedding Album

Custom heirloom wedding albums

You many be asking yourself, “Do I really need a wedding album?”

A wedding album may seem like an unnecessary expense while planning. Why would you want one when you’ll have the digital files? We have even heard couples say, “We can make that ourselves.”

We believe that you hire a professional wedding or portrait photographer to capture your story and create a family heirloom. The images taken on your wedding day should be passed down. They should be looked at by your children and grandchildren! We love scrolling through digital images on Facebook just like everyone else. However, we don’t envision a family gathered around an iPad 20 or 30 years from now looking at wedding photos! We also can’t imagine a family coming across a dusty USB drive and struggling to find a computer with a port does no longer exists.

When you have something in print, you will revisit it over the years and fondly look at the images. Old photos are magical; they’re a huge reason why we fell in love with photography and documenting moments in time. So, we encourage you to print your photos. Whether you choose a large, grand wedding album or even a simple framed 5×7 – do it! It’s so important. While we love digital, but we also really love prints.

Our Wedding Albums

So, what are our albums like?

Here at Off BEET, we offer many different styles of wedding albums. We are anything but a one style fits all studio! In fact, we want to create something new and unique for each and every couple we photograph. We love prints so much and admit it can be a bit overwhelming here. However, we promise you will end up with a completely custom heirloom album.

We currently have 3 main styles that we offer:

Couture Albums

These are our studio’s signature albums. They are a modern and fresh take on a wedding album. Couture wedding albums are press-printed with a thinner paper. The thin pages allow us to include a lot of pages within your album! In fact, we start these albums with 100 sides. In a 100 side book, you can have up to 150 images. That’s a lot of images to tell your story! In addition, Couture albums can go all the way up to 300 sides.

Couture wedding album layouts are simple and designed like a fine art coffee table book. We design them to be 1 or 2 images a page and keep it minimalistic. We love this presentation style because it forces you to look at each image on its own rather than be distracted by too many images on a page. These albums come in 4 different sizes from a small 6×9 pocket book to a extra large 12×15 album that really makes an impact.

Why is this different than something you can get online? Couture wedding albums are stitch bound and not glued together like many albums you can create yourself. There are several different magazine style wedding albums out there. A stitch bound book is going to last you a lot longer than a glue bound book. Glue bound books are cheaper versions and have the potential to fall apart over time. Most importantly, stitch bound books will stand the test of time!

See some of our couture designs here :

Fine Art Albums

fine art wedding album brown leather

Fine Art wedding albums are what we consider to be the “industry standard.” This is what most studios carry, and it’s the most standard option for a wedding album. These albums have a thick and heavy traditional feel with a modern twist on the inside. The albums are digitally designed. We can keep it extremely simple with one image spread over the page or a collage of multiple images. The pages lay completely flat creating a really unique look. Fine Art wedding albums are also available in many sizes from a small 5×7 to a huge 15×15.

View some of our designs here :

Matted Style Albums

Matted Style albums are our most traditional style albums. They include photographic prints that have custom mattes cut around them. This style is simple, elegant, and also timeless!
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