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Engagement Photos with Pets

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Engagement Photos with Pets

They’re the love of your life. You spend hours having fun together. They make every day brighter and every night cuddlier. While this could describe your fiance, I’m talking about your pet! Getting married means blending your families and furry friends together. Celebrate your love by including Fido (or another beloved pet) in your engagement session! Here are some tips for engagement photos with pets. Because if you follow us you know we love our fur babies !

1. Let your photographer know

Notify your photographer if you’d like to bring your pet along to the engagement session. This will help them prepare accordingly and think of creative photos to take. It’s also courteous to loop in your photographer if by chance they are allergic to pets or uncomfortable around dogs.

2. Confirm that pets are allowed

While dogs are welcome at most public parks, some locations like botanical gardens or historic estates may not allow pets. Call ahead to ensure that your four-legged friend can join you.

Engagement Photos with Pets Dogs

Jenna and Matt brought their dogs to the beach for engagement photos.

3. Bring treats with you

Your photographer may need your pet to sit still or lay down for a photo. Having a treat in hand is a great incentive! Not to mention, yummy goodies serve as pick-me-ups if your pup gets tired. Being beautiful is hard work!

4. Invite someone along to help

Your pet won’t be in every engagement photo, so they’ll need care in between. Invite a friend or family member to hold the leash or bring them home when their photos are done. Most of all, you’ll be able to enjoy your engagement photos knowing that your pet isn’t getting restless and has the attention they need. Then you’ll be able to focus all of your attention on your hubby or bride to be!

Engagement Photos with Pets Dogs

Your dog will have just as much fun as you two in the great outdoors!

5. Have realistic expectations

There’s always a chance the unexpected will happen! If your pet starts misbehaving, give them time to get used to the environment. Play with them a bit to ease any anxiety. If they just won’t cooperate, that’s ok! You will still receive gorgeous engagement photos of just the two of you which matters most. Have your designated friend or family member bring your pet back to the comforts of home.

I hope this post has encouraged you to embrace engagement photos with pets. I love photographing dogs at engagement sessions and on wedding days! Contact me today to book – we’ll have a woofin good time! 🙂

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