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Ashford Estate Wedding Photos

Elise + Patricks  Stylish Ashford Estate Wedding Photos

After a long wait due to Covid,  Elise and Pat finally got to have the wedding celebration of their dreams at The amazing Ashford Estate this past summer. Their day was all about rustic elegance meets romance and I think it’s safe to say they truly outdid themselves. It was truly a Stylish, classic, romantic, and luxurious affair. It was my absolute honor to capture it all and I am so excited to share their Ashford Estate Wedding Photos with you!

The Wedding Day Details

I started the day by photographing all of the amazing details that Elise has perfectly curated. Everything was absolutely stunning and perhaps the most special detail was the hand-drawn image of Elise’s gown signed by Miss Hailey Paige herself! From the sparkly Christan Loubitons to the blush Mrs. box, every last wedding detail was perfection. 



Weddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-wedding-hailey-paige-dressWeddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-wedding-vow-books Weddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-wedding-details-wedding-gown-sketch Weddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-wedding-ringsWeddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-wedding-bridal-budiour Weddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-wedding-bride-mom-black-and-white Weddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-wedding-bridesmaids-in-matching-pjsWeddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-wedding-grooms-deatails

The First Looks

After photographing the girls in their matching PJ sets we got Elise dressed before doing a reveal with the bridesmaids. Next, we did a first look with her dad and captured his emotional hello to his daughter on her wedding day. 

We decided to do the first look with Elise and Pat in the driveway one of our favorite spots for Ashford Estate wedding photos.  After an amazing portrait session we still had one more first look to do.

Being there to capture the reactions when the bride and groom saw their vision come to life in  Ashford Estate Ballroom for the first time was one of the best parts of the day.  It was stylish and luxurious, just as they envisioned it to be. All of their hard work over the past 3 years had truly paid off. 


You had to reschedule a few times, how did it feel to finally have your dream wedding!?

I (Elise) cried happy tears just about all day long! The day was filled to the brim with blissful emotions because we were truly just so grateful the day could happen as we always wanted it to. Patrick and I locked eyes, through tears, leaving the ceremony and said “I just can’t believe we are actually here and this is happening. We are so lucky”.  It’s how we felt all day long. 

We were married in a beautiful intimate ceremony last year and it was perfect but to have this dream day come to life, after a really tough year for the entire world- it felt different and even more important than we could have ever imagined. 

Weddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-wedding-bride-portrait Weddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-wedding-cardsWeddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-wedding Weddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-wedding Weddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-wedding Weddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-weddingWeddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-wedding-bride-and-groom-cathedral-veil Weddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-wedding Weddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-wedding-classic-wedding-cathedral-veil-lace Weddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-wedding Weddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-wedding-classic-brideWeddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-wedding Weddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-wedding-photos-light-airy Weddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-wedding Weddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-wedding

If you could give one piece of advice to another couple planning their wedding what would it be?

Enjoy it! Have fun! Pause through out the day to look around and take it all in! Our favorite moments were the two of us, laughing and reminiscing on the day as it happened in real time. But most importantly our best advice is spend the entire night on the dance floor!! 

Weddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-wedding-wedding-party-photoWeddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-wedding-bridesmaids-in-blush-dresses Weddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-wedding-photos-blush-light-airy-bright-fun Weddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-wedding Weddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-wedding-matchig-jean-jackets Weddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-weddingWeddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-wedding


What was your favorite moment of your wedding day?

We will never forget the way it felt to be surrounded by all of our family and friends as we entered the ballroom for our reception! After rescheduling so many times, Patrick and I always talked about what it would feel like to see everyone we loved in the same room at that moment. Having our most cherished loved ones all together around the dance floor as the theme to New York New York played in the background, still takes our breath away. We have never felt so much joy or love than we did in that moment. 


What was your favorite part of wedding planning ?

Choosing vendors was our absolute favorite part of the wedding planning process. Deciding who was going to make our vision come to life meant so much to us. We wanted to bring together a team of people who loved their work and were as excited as we were to be there that day. We can confidently say that we’ll be bragging about our vendors for the rest of our lives! They helped pull off an absolutely amazing celebration and stuck by us through the rescheduling and rollercoaster that was 2020! They were all detail oriented, crazy talented and unbelievably kind- what more could you want to be surrounded by on your wedding day!? 

Weddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-wedding-photosWeddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-wedding-blush-wedding-deatilsWeddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-wedding-ballroomWeddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-wedding-ballroom revealWeddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-wedding-photos-ballroom-revealWeddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-wedding



The Stylish Ashford Estate Wedding Ceremony and Reception

The ceremony was held in the Ashford Estate barn and was truly breathtaking. The sun was shining as they exchanged their vows and it really made for great images. 

The recessional was another favorite part of the day for me. Once they said I do (again) they were filled with sheer joy as they exited the barn and headed to grab a glass of champagne from The Roving Bar. 

Before heading into the reception we grabbed some magic hour photos in some of our favorite Ashford Estate locations. After the toasts, dances, and formalities were over this stylish bride changed into a fun party dress to dance the night away.  



What made you choose to host your wedding at The Ashford Estate?

I (Elise) had The Ashford Estate pinned on my college Pinterest board over 10 years ago! When Patrick asked me to marry him in 2019, he followed up with the question “so when are should we go see The Ashford Estate?”! (I may have mentioned the venue just a FEW times over the three years we were dating). As soon as we both stepped foot onto the beautiful grounds, we knew. It had the elegant rustic vibe we were looking for and a unique charm. We knew not only would we want to celebrate our love there, but that our family and friends would be just as wowed with our venue choice.

Weddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-wedding-party-with-roving-barWeddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-wedding-candid-momentsWeddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-wedding-candid-momentWeddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-wedding-photos-roving-barWeddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-wedding-ballroomWeddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-wedding-cakeWeddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-weddingWeddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-weddingWeddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-wedding-blush-wedding-detailsWeddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-wedding-signature-drinksWeddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-weddingWeddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-wedding-photos-classic-black-tieWeddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-weddingWeddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-wedding-photos-black-tieWeddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-wedding-photos-classicWeddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-wedding-photos-classicWeddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-wedding-natural-candidWeddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-wedding-loubiton-shoesWeddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-wedding-ring-box Weddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-wedding Weddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-wedding Weddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-wedding-second-wedding-vow-renewalWeddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-wedding-first-danceWeddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-weddingWeddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-weddingWeddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-wedding-receptionWeddings-of-distinction-Ashford-Estate-summer-wedding-wedding-toast

Ashford Estate Wedding Photos

Venue | The Ashford Estate

Weddings Of Distinction

Cocktail Hour Bar | The Roving Bar

Florals | Fennelli Design

Aisle Runner | The Original Runner

Makeup Artist | Michelle Elise Artistry 

Rentals + Planning | Magnolia Events

Band | silver pro entertainment

Wedding Gown | Miss Hayley Paige


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