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A FaceTime Wedding Photoshoot During Covid-19

Danielle and Ed’s wedding was cancelled due to Covid-19, but the couple didn’t want their special day to go by unnoticed. When Danielle called me and asked if we could  drive out to Long Island to photograph her and Ed, it broke my heart that we had to say no. All of the COVID-19 restrictions in place  just made traveling too hard. I had been hearing a lot of photographers talking about FaceTime photo shoots and I thought this could be a possible alternative. At first I didn’t quite understand them, but after doing some research they seemed pretty cool. I suggested to Danielle that if she couldn’t find a local photographer we could try to document their day for them in this unique and interesting way.
I did some digging and found some online tutorials on how to conduct a FaceTime wedding photoshoot during Covid-19. After weeks in quarantine, I was ready to get creative.
FaceTime Wedding Photoshoot during Covid-19
FaceTime Wedding Photoshoot during Coronavirus

The Process

Danielle and Ed FaceTimed me when they arrived at the venue. They walked around giving me a virtual tour of the space and showed me their favorite spots. Once we had an idea of what we were working with, we decided to start shooting.
Danielle’s parents came long to help and acted as my tripod while holding the iPhone and also relaying my direction to Danielle and Ed. I directed them on where to stand and how to pose and was able to snap photos directly from my computer through their phone. The quality is that of an I phone and not nearly close to what we are used to with an SLR camera. However, that’s honestly half the beauty of it. It’s not meant to be a perfect quality photo. It’s meant to be a documentation of the time. I actually think it’s pretty cool that we were able to make imagery with modern day technology while being 144 miles away.
It felt good to be “photographing” and directing even if it was from the comfort of my own couch.
After the session I got creative and photographed the images displayed on my phone on a different background giving them a more artistic feel.
I was happy that I could do something nice and document Danielle and Ed’s love story.
We are really looking forward to being a part of their actual wedding ceremony at the end of July.
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From The Bride

I asked Danielle to write me a little blurb about her and Ed and why they wanted to do this. Here’s what she said:
This day, May 8th, was a long time coming for Ed and I.  We were college sweethearts who met back in 2003. I fell head over heels for him, but after dating for about a year we broke up and went our separate ways. We kept in touch here and there for a few years after college, but eventually we shut the door on “us” and I was heartbroken.  A decade and a half after first meeting, and with a handful of failed relationships between the two of us and even a broken engagement, I decided to reach back out to Ed via Facebook asking if he would be up for a “chat”.  To my surprise he responded immediately and we spent the next few weeks just getting to know each other again through messenger and texting. We planned a secret trip together and had our FIRST face-to-face reconnection at the JetBlue terminal at JFK Airport – sharing a crustable before taking off for our week long vacay in Las Vegas! The rest is, as they say, history…
I’ve been waiting to marry Ed since 2003. He has had my heart for so long and we were so excited for May 8th. When we found out that we had to postpone our wedding due to the coronavirus we were for sure disappointed, but we also knew there were bigger things than us happening in the world. We were okay with postponing our wedding if it meant keeping our loved ones safe, but we still didn’t want our special day to go by unnoticed. I reached out to our photographer, Kate, to see if she would still be up for capturing some pictures of us on “our day”… with travel restrictions in place she offered to do a virtual FaceTime photo shoot – a true sign of the times! After some explaining on Kate’s side, and a few google searches on my end, I asked my parents if they would be willing to be Kate’s eyes, hands, and even voice that day – holding up the IPad, manipulating the angles, and even shouting out instructions to us! The day was AH-mazing! And I know my parents (especially my mom) were so happy they were there to be a part of this special moment. We even had John, our wedding venue’s General Manager, helping out – everyone in masks (except for Ed and I) – it was all (happy) hands on deck!
Ed and I shared some love notes privately amongst the trees at Peconic Bay Yacht Club, I carried a bouquet made by my florist, Nicole of N.T. Designs in Oyster Bay, NY, we popped a bottle of champagne and shared some  wedding (cup)cake that we cut with our wedding forks we had engraved with our first wedding date. We keep joking that our great-grandkids are going to be so confused when they see all of these different wedding photos of us and two invitations that look the same but have different dates… but, we don’t care! We love our story and we love to tell it, and we look forward to telling it for years to come about how our wedding was extra special, a wedding so nice, we had to do it twice! We know many couples are still choosing to get married right now with smaller, intimate affairs – for Ed and I this was not an option. It was very important to us to be able to have all of our immediate families there to partake in the celebration – to hug, to dance, to laugh with and to cry happy tears with –  and all of our siblings would not have been able to be there on the 8th. We will however be celebrating, all of us, on July 31st, even if we have to go to Plan C, a small backyard wedding at my parent’s house… which is starting to sound kinda’ nice right about now ♥️

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